About us

A creative commons for food system innovators

The Food Systems Network was conceived as a support tool for food system innovators. Recognising the challenges that food systems professionals face when researching, developing and launching new food system concepts, we looked for a way of simplifying and streamlining communications so that innovators can get on with the project in hand.

The Food Systems Network has been designed to help food system innovators rapidly create and develop networks of co-innovators working in similar innovation contexts. When you have identified suitable professionals, you will want to begin your journey of co-creation and collaboration by setting up groups, sharing ideas, publishing events and launching your project. By creating a collaborative commons, we aim to make the process of innovation as simple, straightforward and beneficial as possible.

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Mark McGlinn

A strong believer in the power of collaboration, Mark launched The Food Systems Network in 2017 to embolden dynamic creativity in the sector.

Working with technologists, researchers, developers, business leaders, individuals and NGOs, we explore, test and develop new and innovative food service and food production solutions to meet the environmental challenges of our rapidly changing world. Engaging in collaborative innovation through the establishment of networks and partnerships and using systems design thinking, the Food System Network fosters and manages projects in both the private and public sector with a principle focus upon transforming our food systems for the good of all.

Our food production and food service systems are undergoing radical transformation that have the potential to bring great benefits to consumers and producers alike. From the introduction of sensor-based technologies that help restaurants and providers track and eliminate excessive waste to crowdfunding platforms that help kick-start artisan food businesses, from the creation of open distribution platforms that aid local delivery services to the profusion of apps that help consumers make more informed choices, the proliferation of highly skilled new business and cooperative models has never been so evident.

Join the Food Systems Network

The Food Systems Network welcomes innovators from across the food industry. With a principle focus upon food production and foodservice innovation, we aim to help food system innovators interact with individuals, businesses and organisations by providing a platform and the communication tools to learn, innovate and create solutions for the 21st century.

  • Join one of the many open innovation groups.
  • Keep updated on breakthrough food systems innovation projects.
  • Meet up with professionals working in your area of expertise.
  • Broaden your knowledge base of the changes occurring across the food industry.
  • Learn about Technological Innovations that are set to transform our food systems for the better.
  • Participate in the development of new standards for the food industry.

Registered Food Systems Professionals may search the platform’s directory for new contacts, arrange to meet fellow members at networking events, share best practice, join one of the many innovation groups or get feedback on new ideas in a safe and secure setting. The Food Systems Network is an exclusive Food Systems Professionals network which helps its members expand their professional network.

If you are involved in and are interested in joining the Food Systems Network, please Contact Us and we'll start the registration process for you.

Expert Resources & Information

Being a food service or food production professional does not mean that you have all of the answers.  Our network allows members to broaden their knowledge base by seeking guidance and support from other professionals and innovators. We also provide information and regular updates on food system development, trends and emerging issues. Our bank of information will keep our members updated on everything from changes in Food Regulations, Health & Safety Law, Food Standards development and Foodservice Innovation pathways. Membership in the Food Systems Network provides you with access to some of the best advisers in the food industry.

Open Innovation Projects & New Trends

It is often difficult to bridge the gap between developing innovation in-house and working across multiple businesses on open innovation projects with leading specialists. The Food Systems Network aims to make this transition much simpler by helping interested professionals cross the divide.  Our network allows members to create and search innovation groups, publish calls for support, ask questions, enhance their knowledge base and secure their project's success. We aim to be the premier platform for advancing the development of food systems innovation.

In exploring new paths to market, Food Service Companies are increasingly looking to external providers to acquire the scientific and technological knowledge that will allow them to improve the performance of their own innovation teams....

Exploring and Innovating the Future of Food

The Food Systems Network is supported by Ideaspeak International, a global innovation network that fosters creativity and innovation with a principle focus upon transforming the food and energy systems. Ideaspeak International provides assistance and support to organisations working in both the private and public sector in devising sustainable strategies, building innovation capabilities and fostering the creation of new products and services for a sustainable world.

The Food Systems Network, a new member of the growing food innovation community, providing food system innovators with the communication tools and resources that will help them explore and innovate the future of food. {KomentoDisable}